Version 1.2 avaiable for download

Hi Everyone!

This is a major update of the package since it was released. I made the following updates:

  1. All models have they rotation set to 0 and scale set to 1 
  2. All models have they pivot point set to bottom center position 
  3. Textures amount were reduced to 22
  4. Included 20 new models
  5. Unity Package with prefabs and colliders for each object
  6. Objects size follow the convention 1 Unit : 1 Meter scale
  7. Resized Textures to pixel count be power of 2 

And many others improvements! 

Files 20 MB
Apr 23, 2020
Modular-Cartoon-Dungeon-Props-and-Tileset-Pack-1.2.unitypackage 21 MB
Apr 23, 2020

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