Island Idle RPG - 2.7.3 Release

Hello folks,
I'm very pleased to announce the release of the version 2.7.3 with more content for you! I would like to thank you for your priceless feedback! You can find the update as follows:

[NEW] 16 New Achievements
[NEW] Two new Vehicles ( Magic Ship and Rocket ) to reach the New Dungeons
[NEW] A Magic Dungeon and a Dungeon in the Moon
[NEW] 10 New Enemies including 2 Bosses
[NEW] 30 New items ( 8 Upgrades in the Shop, 5 new fishes, 5 new cook recipes, 2 new vehicles and 10 new equipment )
[NEW] There are 2 new Upgrades: Upgrade fishing rod to catch new fishes and Scrolls to multiply the amount of items you gather during the game.
[FIX] Many bug fixes and improvements

Previous Recent Updates

September Update

[NEW] Save Exporter/Importer to make a backup of your save files
[ENH] Many performance improvements
[ENH] Gold and Items amount indication if Million, Billion and so on
[FIX] Now the gear keep equipped when restart the game
[FIX] Fixed cooking process not allowing to use items in inventory
[FIX] Weapons not been removed from inventory after losing a battle
[FIX] Fixed recipe disappearing when cooking

August Update

[FIX] Fixed Performance Issues

August Update

[ENH] Vehicles and buildings price balanced
[ENH] Now you can cook while doing other tasks
[FIX] Fixed cooking time for some foods
[FIX] Prevent clicking on Boats through UI
[ENH] Gold Mine takes longer to collapse
[FIX] Fixed quest description

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